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Stovetop Espresso vs Pump Brewed Espresso

    stovetop_espresso_vs_pump_brewed_espressoPulling off the perfect shot of espresso can be a real challenge.

    Not only do you have to nail it when it comes to purchasing top quality beans that have been roasted to perfection, but you also have to make sure that your grind is pitch perfect, that the water you’re using is top notch, and that the espresso machine that’s producing your shot is fine tuned and up for the task.

    Drop the ball anywhere along the way and you’ll definitely decrease your odds of pulling the perfect shot, but mess up with the wrong espresso machine and you’ll blow a mountain of money and ruin your coffee.

    That’s a one-two punch everyone is trying to avoid!

    By arming yourself with all the inside information we’re able to share with you below, though, you’ll be able to find the perfect espresso machine for you needs and your budget. Just read below to learn a little bit more about the battle between stovetop espresso vs pump brewed espresso machines and you’ll know EXACTLY how to move forward from here.

    Stovetop espresso machines get the job done for sure

    When you’re talking about making great espresso, you’re talking about a couple of different things:

    • Finely ground espresso beans that release all of their flavor, oil, and crema
    • A bit of pressure to make sure that even a molecule of pressure doesn’t hide from you and
    • A machine that does ALL (or at least most) of the espresso making heavy lifting for you

    Stovetop systems definitely fit the bit for all the criteria above, even if they don’t produce quite as high quality or as authentic a shot of espresso as pump brewed equipment does.

    Your stovetop unit is going to work in a very simple and straightforward way.

    For starters, you simply fill up the coffee chamber with the finely ground beans we mentioned above. After that, simply add your water to the espresso machine, set it on high heat, and allow the magic of engineering to do the heavy lifting for you.

    The steam created in this system is going to heat, moisten, and put some pressure on the grounds you have in the chamber. This is going to produce the wonderful espresso you’re looking for, all while extracting extra flavor out of the shot you’re pulling.

    Combine that with the fact that it is super simple and effortless to operate, clean, and maintain and it’s easy to see why so many people are crazy about these kinds of espresso makers.

    Pumped brewed espresso is still the “Gold Standard” when it comes to espresso makers

    While stovetop units are a top tier option for those looking to streamline the process of making wonderful espresso, the fact of the matter is that they produce a lot lower level of pressure – and less heat, to boot.

    You’ll never be able to squeeze all of the flavor out of your espresso grounds that you can with a pump brewed espresso machine, and it isn’t really even close. The flavor with these shots are top tier, the richness is distinct, and the cleanliness of the espresso is off the charts.

    There might not be a better way to make espresso at home than with this setup!

    Sure, you’ll have to give up a little bit of your time to make espresso with one of these bar pressure systems. And yes, you’ll have to do a little bit of extra cleaning and maintaining to keep you up and running all the time. That becomes tedious for sure, and a little bit of a headache or hassle.

    But when you taste the espresso that this kind of machine is putting out, the stovetop espresso vs pump brewed espresso debate is settled once and for all. It just doesn’t get much better than this!