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How to Tune Your Coffee Grinder Like the Pros


    Coffee has just a couple of ingredients, so it should be simple to create a perfect cup or pot, right? Well, Hollandaise sauce also has just two ingredients and it doesn’t always come out perfectly.

    There are techniques which may be used in order to boost the odds of producing delicious coffee which is basically perfect and we’re going to share these helpful techniques today. Once you’ve learned them, you’ll be able to make the most of coffee’s two ingredients, which are coffee grounds and water.

    The truth is that a lot of variables come into play with coffee-making and all of these variables may impact the way that coffee tastes. For example, temperature plays a role, as does batch size, agitation and so on. One key element is grind size and we’re going to talk about that today.

    Grind size affects extraction. Extraction is the process of getting flavor and color from ground coffee beans.

    Grind Sizes Will Vary

    If you’re using a French Press in order to make coffee, you should use a coarser grind than you would if you were making Espresso. This is because a press-style coffeemaker uses steeping in order to perform extraction.

    Coffee and water mix during the entire process, which typically takes about four minutes. When you make Espresso, you’ll find that pressure is used in order to extract. This means that water doesn’t come into contact with coffee grounds for very long. In fact, the extraction process for Espresso usually happens in twenty to thirty seconds.

    When coffee and water co-mingle for longer periods of time, as with French Press coffee making, fluid absorbs more of what is within the coffee bean. It doesn’t have to be exposed to a lot of surface area which is caffeinated.

    When water goes through grounds quickly, it extracts in mere seconds. A finer grind for Espresso helps with extraction. A coarser grind is better for French Press coffee making, where water and coffee spend more time together!

    It’s fun to play around with grind sizes. We’ve given you some practical guidelines here, but do feel free to experiment.

    Espresso is a fast method of making coffee. A French Press is pretty quick, too, but much slower when compared to Espresso production.

    morning espresso with perfect tuned grind

    Which Grind Size is Right for You?

    How you make your coffee should dictate which grind size is right for you. For example, if you’re going to use a drip-type brewer, which typically creates a hot pot of coffee in three or four minutes, a coarser grind size will be best. It’s the same principle as with the French Press. Coffee and water will mingle for longer in a drip-style brewer. A coarse grind will give the drip-style brewer more to extract.

    If you’re using an Espresso machine, a finer grind will allow for superior extraction in just twenty to thirty seconds. Water will pass through fine grinds faster.

    In the end, we’re all different and all that really matters is taste. So, you should try different grind sizes in order to find that one which produces coffee that is most pleasing to your palate. If you’re getting a bitter finish on your coffee, try a coarser grind, as it tends to reduce bitterness. However, our palates vary, and everyone has a different experience with different grind sizes.

    Do You Own a Coffee Grinder?

    If you don’t own a coffee grinder, you’ll need to pay attention to grind size when you are shopping for ground coffee. If you do own a coffee grinder, you may have different grind settings to choose from. It is fun to use a grinder, as grinding your own beans will allow you to access the freshest coffee flavor in no time flat.

    Now that you have some tips on how to find the perfect grind, you’ll be ready to create barista-style coffee from home, which rivals the best from local coffeehouses.

    Once you experiment with different grind sizes and track the results, you’ll have a sense of what really works for you. Of course, some of us make drip or French Press coffee sometimes, and Espresso at other times. This is why owning a grinder which turns coffee beans into coarse or fine ground coffee will be so smart.

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