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Comparision: Drip Coffee vs Pump Espresso

    While those single serve, one cup, almost automatic coffee machines are very popular right now with a lot of folks, at the end of the day the coffee you get out of those little plastics cups will NEVER be as tasty, as fresh, or as high quality as the coffee you make “the old fashioned way”.

    And that’s why you’re going to want to resolve the sometimes raging drip coffee vs pump espresso machine debate ASAP.

    Hopefully with all of the inside information below we’re going to be able to help you do exactly that.

    By the time you’re finished with this quick guide you’ll really hit the ground running with a coffee machine that is:

    • Super simple to use
    • Produces world class coffee in a hurry and
    • Gives you complete control over the coffee you put out

    Let’s get right after choosing between drip coffee vs pump espresso machines!

    Drip coffee machines are the easiest coffee makers to use on the planet

    Even those single serve machines we’ve mentioned above utilize the power and simplicity of the drip coffee machine, and it’s really easy to see why.

    For starters, this is the definition of set it and forget it when it comes to automatically making coffee every morning from now on. All you have to do is fill up the coffee pot with water, make sure that you have freshly ground coffee in the hopper, flip a couple of switches or press a button or two, and before you know it – boom! Your coffee is done and ready to enjoy.

    The water in these system is sucked up through a reservoir and then super-heated with electric components. After the water has reached the perfect temp for producing quality coffee (something you’ll have total control over when you buy better drip coffee machines) it will then be poured directly over your coffee grounds.

    The super heated water will then work its way down into the grounds, pulling and extracting flavor and richness every step of the way. By the time it works through all of your coffee the maximum amount of flavor has been pulled out, and you’re good to go!

    Not too bad for putting in the least work possible, and that’s why people go so crazy for drip coffee vs pump espresso machines.


    Don’t sleep on pump espresso machines, though

    It would be a major mistake – a MAJOR mistake – to fall asleep on everything that the best pump espresso machines bring to the table.

    Pump espresso machines work a lot like the drip coffee machines we mentioned above, but with one major difference – they utilize pressure that you charge up yourself with a pump (or bar) to extract even more flavor and depth out of the coffee you’re making.

    This is really something special and why so many cafes and world class coffee houses have these espresso machines as the workhorse of their operation.

    Not only that, but there’s another big reason that so many people decide to pick the espresso machine side of things in the drip coffee vs pump espresso debate. The versatility that you’re going to enjoy when you use this machine to make all of your favorite coffee drinks is second to none.

    Want an affordable shot of espresso to get you rocking and rolling in the morning?

    More interested in a mild cup of coffee right after dinner?

    Hoping for a fun latte to break in the fall season?

    All of these drinks (and so many more!) are possible when you go with an espresso machine instead of a drip coffee maker.

    When you get right down to it though, there are reasons to go with either of the options we’ve outlined above. When you’re looking to settle the drip coffee vs pump espresso machine debate for yourself use the inside info above to help you out!