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Do You Know How Many Calories Are In Your Coffee?

    do_you_know_how_many_calories_are_in_your_coffeeSorry, heavy coffee drinkers, but excessive chlorogenic acids (CGA) from coffee can lead to weight gain. Women’s Health Magazine confirms that coffee can reduce blood pressure, increase insulin resistance and help with weight loss, but only with a maximum of three to four cups per day.

    To avoid excess weight gain, lay off the high intake, extra milk and sugar.

    Find out how coffee variations may be to blame, too.

    • Americano: Taken with milk and sugar, this can be less fatty by skipping a tablespoon of whole milk (9 calories) for skim (5 calories), soy (7 calories).
    • Caffe Latte: Also called a flat white, this coffee drink is largely milky with a 1:8 ratio. Usually served in an 8 or 16 oz cup, it has a very thin film layer.
    • Caffe Macchiato: Often referred to as a double shot latte, this drink has an even higher calorie count than cafe latte’s 1:8 coffee-to-milk ratio.
    • Cappuccino: Chocolate sprinkles and 1:8 ratio of coffee versus milk automatically make this high fat. Smaller cups may lower the calorie intake.
    • Espresso: With very little liquid and all coffee, it is not meant to be sour, bitter or burnt. Without extra additives, this is the most ideal coffee for low calorie count.
    • Hot Chocolate: Packets are loaded with carbohydrates (11 grams) and as high as 57 calories. Homemade versions have 190 calories. Skim milk versions have slightly less calories (160) and 30 grams of carbs.
    • Iced Coffee: Adding milk or sugar is a toss-up with the cold version of coffee. Using non-dairy creamer helps. The alternative to dairy-heavy cream in ice is only 10 calories.
    • Mocha: This is a latte with chocolate. Milk and chocolate are a high-fat combination, but choosing a piece of dark chocolate (42 calories) over milk chocolate (43 calories) slightly helps lower calories.
    • Mochaccino: With a 1:8 ratio leaning towards milk of coffee plus chocolate and chocolate sprinkles, this is basically a liquid high-calorie candy bar.
    • Vienna Coffee: Whip cream replaces milk and sugar in a cup of coffee with chocolate sprinkles. One tablespoon of whip cream is 51 calories alone. Outside of hot chocolate, this is the fattiest coffee drink.