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Do Caffeine Pills Help You Concentrate?

    do_caffeine_pills_help_you_concentrate.Did you know that caffeine is a mild stimulant that is found in more than just coffee? In truth, it is a natural substance that comes in measurable quantities in at least 63 different plant species on the planet. Maybe that’s why the use of organic and synthetic caffeine pills is such a trend nowadays. So, what do caffeine pills do to your brain and body? Do caffeine pills affect your concentration, and if so, how?

    Understanding the Basics of Caffeine

    Caffeine is a complex substance that just so happens to be easy to comprehend. Used in many modern-day pain relievers and diuretics, a large percentage of today’s prescription medications contain the stuff as well. Because caffeine knowingly stimulates the central nervous system, it’s no wonder why a lot of people use caffeine pills to boost their concentration. So, is it working or are all those people victims of the placebo effect?

    According to numerous studies conducted by the United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA), caffeine and caffeine pills can have a variety of positive effects on the body and brain. Research shows that the substance increases brain function and improves things like memory, cognitive ability, logical reasoning, and even concentration.

    Caffeine Pills and Brain Function

    Yes, caffeine pills, when used responsibly, can improve concentration, but is that all they can do? It turns out, caffeine pills are good for a lot more than making it easier to sit through that early morning meeting. After the results of a 2005 study on the effects of caffeine on the brain, it was discovered that caffeine, however, derived, stimulated activity in the prefrontal lobe of the brain, improving people’s ability to do the following tasks:

    • Plan more efficiently
    • Pay better attention to stimuli
    • Monitor their surroundings to pick up on subtle details
    • Concentrate more intently on both old and new information

    While it is now a scientific fact that caffeine pills can improve concentration, definitive evidence hasn’t been presented concerning the duration of the effects.

    Special Considerations about Caffeine Pills

    Each person and their tolerance level to caffeine will vary widely. Caffeine and caffeine pills can have unpredictable effects on young children (especially those with ADD or ADHD) and the elderly (especially those with heart problems), so ask your doctor before using caffeine pills to improve concentration. While there is information available about the effects of caffeine on ADD and ADHD, it is not recommended without a medical referral.

    Research has indicated, though, that caffeine can reduce the hyperactive effects of ADD and ADHD, causing the user to calm down and focus better. Correctly used caffeine can also help people cope with stressful situations, as evidenced by its use in the U.S. military. Be careful not to overuse caffeine or caffeine pills, however, as you may develop a resistance or become addicted.

    Withdrawal symptoms typically include loss of memory, lack of concentration, headaches, and irritability – all counterproductive symptoms for a person trying to improve their ability to concentrate.

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