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Discover Nine Easy-to-Make Coffee Smoothies

    coffee chocolate banana smoothie with coconut whipped cream

    Coffee is something that so many people love and crave. If you’re a smoothie fan and you also adore coffee, you should know that it’s possible to create excellent coffee smoothie recipes quickly.

    Today, we’d like to help by sharing nine easy-to-make coffee smoothie recipes which are very popular.

    #1. Add Pure Berry Flavor

    If you love berries, adding some frozen strawberries (half of cup) to two ounces of strong brewed coffee, a cup pf Greek-style yogurt and a drizzle of honey will allow you to enjoy pure berry flavor and a coffee kick.

    Coffee Smoothie

    #2. Make a Protein-packed Creamy Drink

    Adding a cup of protein powder, some cold, strong coffee and ice to a blender will allow you to enjoy a coffee smoothie which gives just the right fuel to your muscles. Protein is also helpful if you’re trying to lose weight.

    Look for a protein powder which doesn’t contain unhealthy fillers. A couple of ounces of coffee, protein powder and ice make for a terrific smoothie which is so quick to prepare.

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    Coffee Protein Smoothie

    #3. Mix Espresso and Bananas for a Sweet Treat

    If you love coffee and banana, you may find that this smoothie recipe becomes a daily favorite. To prepare, add eight ounces of sugar-free almond milk to a couple of tablespoons of espresso powder (instant type).

    Also, add a single banana, five ounces of Greek-style yogurt (vanilla), a pair of teaspoons of honey and a dash of cinnamon. You’ll also need a cup of ice and a sprinkling of nutmeg. Blend, serve and enjoy.

    Espresso Banana Smoothie

    #4. Combine Protein and Bananas for Unique Taste

    Lots of people enjoy adding protein powder to their coffee smoothies. Here’s another recipe which calls for this healthy, muscle-building powder.

    To make the smoothie, add a couple of cups of ice and three-quarters of a cup of non-sweetened almond milk to your blender.

    Then, put in a cup of brewed coffee which has been chilled and add a frozen banana which has been chopped up. Put in a scoop of your favorite protein powder and then blend and service.

    Iced Coffee Protein Shake Recipe

    #5. Enjoy a Creamy Smoothie with Fruity Elements

    Bananas are very popular add-ons for coffee smoothie recipes. Here’s another recipe which features the creaminess of fresh banana!

    To prepare, add a couple of frozen, chopped bananas to your blender and then put in a couple of tablespoons of sugar. Add a cup of Greek-style yogurt, in vanilla or plain flavor.

    Next, put in a cup of milk and four teaspoons of instant coffee. Blend and enjoy!

    Breakfast Coffee Banana Smoothie

    #6. Add Oats for Even More Nutrients

    A fun variation on the classic coffee banana smoothie is this oat-infused recipe. To prepare, add a cup of milk and one-quarter of a cup of coffee. You’ll also need a single banana and one-eighth of a cup of rolled-style oats.

    Finish the recipe by adding half a teaspoon of vanilla. Blend and pour into a tall glass.

    Healthy Coffee Banana Smoothie

    #7. Make a Smoothie That Raises Your Metabolic Rate

    To boost your metabolic rate, add six ounces of brewed coffee (fresh is best) and then put in four to eight ounces of coconut milk.

    If you are comfortable adding raw eggs, adding a couple makes a great taste. Then, add two tablespoons of collagen and a tablespoon of organic maple syrup or Agave syrup. Finish the recipe with one teaspoon of coconut oil.

    Boost Your Metabolism with My Secret Coffee Smoothie Recipe

    #8. Enjoy Delicious Coconut Flavor

    This coffee and coconut smoothie are prepared with three-quarters of a cup of bold coffee which is frozen in advance. It also requires a single banana and a cup of coconut water, as well as half a cup of granola and four tablespoons of Flax seeds (ground type).

    Lastly, you’ll need to add a couple of tablespoons of Chia seeds. Blend and serve.

    Wake-Up Coconut Coffee Smoothie

    #9. Enjoy a Java Chip Shake

    If you like almond milk, you’ll enjoy this recipe. You’ll need to add some cold, strong Java to this recipe, along with the almond milk and maple syrup. Some people throw in a bit of spinach, too, just to get more nutrients.

    If you’re making the smoothie for one, add a cup of almond milk, two ounces of cold coffee and a drizzle of maple syrup. Then, blend with ice for a great drink that satisfies.

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    Java Chip Smoothie

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