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Coffee Culture: How People around the Globe Make Their Coffee

    coffee culture around the globeCoffee is one of the most popular beverages around the world and rarely can you come across a person who doesn’t enjoy their daily cup of Joe.

    It is, without a doubt, one of the best beverages you can have, not only because it is so tasty, but also because it is actually good for your health.

    While almost all people across the globe share their love for coffee and enjoy savoring their java every day, they don’t quite share the way they take their coffee.

    Every country in the world makes their coffee differently, so take a closer look at how some of them do it. You may even find your next favorite form of this perfect beverage.

    Ethiopia – The Birthplace of Coffee

    Traditional ethiopian hut in the Bonga forest reserve in southern Ethiopia
    Traditional Ethiopian hut in the Bonga forest reserve in southern Ethiopia

    Ever since coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia, it has been an integral part of this country’s life and culture. If you ever travel there and order a cup of coffee, don’t expect to get an instant one, but prepare for quite an interesting experience that takes a few hours (yes, you read that right).

    The Ethiopian coffee ceremony is a tradition that takes you from roasting and grinding the coffee beans, straining the coffee through a sieve and, finally, brewing the coffee. The hosts often go through the entire process right in front of you, so it can be pretty fun.

    Ethiopians often take their coffee with spices and all kinds of different flavors, such as cardamom, cinnamon, honey, cloves and many other flavors in order for the coffee to be more unique and have a richer taste. They take it black, with no sugar or milk, so that they can really savor the natural taste of coffee beans.

    Turkey – The Home of the Famous Turkish Coffee


    Turkish coffee is pretty famous around the globe and, if you have ever tried it, you can certainly understand why. Turks take their coffee dark, very strong and usually with sugar.

    What’s interesting about Turkish coffee is that it is unfiltered, which means you drink it with the grounds inside but, obviously, they settle at the bottom of your cup.

    Turkish coffee is prepared by boiling the already roasted and ground coffee beans in a brass pot with water, after which it is served in an espresso-sized cup. Fun fact: Turks often use the residual coffee grounds to tell their fortune after consuming the coffee, by interpreting the symbols in the cup.

    India – The Land of the Rising Coffee Culture

    Although India is one of the biggest coffee manufacturers in the world, the majority of its population prefers tea. However, the coffee culture is on the rise in India nowadays, with coffee shops constantly popping up around the country. Although they are introducing popular coffee blends, such as latte, cappuccino and espresso, it is only a matter of time before drinking coffee becomes another tradition in India.

    Nevertheless, in Southern India, people have been enjoying coffee for centuries. Their tradition is to make filtered coffee called kaapi, which they usually take with sugar and milk. It is a foamy blend that is extremely delicious and definitely deserves a high place in the Indian coffee culture.

    Italy – The Master of Coffee

    italian-coffee espresso

    When you think about Italy, you cannot help but think of the famous Italian coffee, specifically espresso. Not only did espresso originate in Italy, but is has also been perfected there and became the most popular beverage in the country.

    Italy is, without question, the master of coffee and you can be sure that you can taste the most amazing form of this elixir all around the country.

    Besides drinking the regular shot of espresso, as well as cappuccino, macchiato and others, Italians often add lemon in their coffee in order to enrich the coffee’s flavor. That way, the coffee is somewhat sweeter and it definitely tastes great. Perhaps it’s not quite your cup of tea (pun intended), but you should absolutely give it a try.

    Brazil – The Leader in the Coffee World

    Brazil is the world’s largest coffee manufacturer, so it certainly does not come as a surprise that Brazilians are coffee lovers. The traditional coffee in Brazil is dry-processed, which means that it is dried inside the fruit. Such a process brings out the fruit’s sweetness and makes the coffee significantly richer in flavor.

    The most popular form of coffee among Brazilians is the so-called cafezinho, which is a dark and strong coffee with a lot of sugar. This kind of coffee is usually brewed with sugar, which makes it instantly sweet. Another popular kind of coffee among the locals is the café com leite, which is an even stronger coffee served with hot milk.

    Final Words

    If you are reading this, you must be someone who truly appreciates the beauty of coffee and the delicious complexity of its amazing flavor. However, drinking coffee does not only make your day better with its perfect taste – it also greatly improves your health. Coffee is one of the best workout boosters so, if you’re all about leading a healthy lifestyle, make sure you have a cup of your favorite java before working out.

    The coffee culture is definitely a very interesting one to explore so, if you are a passionate traveler, finding a great coffee around the world has never been easier.

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