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How to Choose the Best Milk Frother and Improve Your Home Coffee Experience


best_milk_frotherEverything you need to know about buying the best milk frothers on the market today

There’s nothing wrong with drinking a bottomless cup of coffee from your local diner every now and again, but more and more people are getting pretty adventurous when it comes to their favorite cup of Joe.

Millions of people are turning to espresso, lattes, and other “exotic” beverages to transform the cup of coffee they’ve come to know into something really special, and a lot of these people want to be able to make their favorite java drinks at home.

Thankfully, with a high quality milk frother – one of the best milk frothers we’re going to review below – you’re going to be able to do exactly that.

But before we dive right in to breaking down all of the different things you need to look for in a milk froth or it’s important that we cover the basics of milk frothing so that you know exactly what you’re getting into.

Comparing Milk Frother Products

 Nespresso AeroccinoEpicaSecura Milk FrotherBlümwares VienneBreville BMF600XL
Frothing Time70 secs90 secs70 secs70 secs2 minutes
Size (")4.1 x 4.1 x 6.78 x 6.3 x 57.6 x 6.2 x 57.8 x 6.5 x 4.96 x 6 x 10.2
Froth Capacity130 ml125 ml125 ml125 ml475 ml
Hot Milk Capacity250 ml250 ml250 ml250 ml739 ml
Cleaning methodWarm waterWarm waterWarm waterWarm waterDishwasher safe

What exactly is frothed milk, anyway?

Foamed milk, frothed milk, and steamed milk all share a lot of similarities with one another, but there are also some big differences that will determine the flavor and mouth feel of your favorite coffee beverage depending upon the approach that you go with.

Properly prepared milk is always going to be foamed, and milk that has been frothed is milk that has been foamed and heated with the air bubbles incorporated into the liquid. This results in a super silky smooth foundation for your coffee beverages, unlike anything else you’ve ever enjoyed before.

How to steam milk at home for coffee

The fundamental of frothing milk that you have to really nail right out of the gate is learning how to steam and foam milk at the same time – and at the right temperature – so that you prepare a picture perfect base for your lattes, cappuccinos, and any of the other frothed milk beverages you’re going to be whipping up.

The best milk froth or is going to make steaming milk absolutely effortless, as it will come with plenty of control modules to help you hit the perfect temperature and time for educating and steaming your milk together to create that perfectly silky smooth consistency you’re looking for.

Choose the best milk frothers and steaming your milk becomes effortless at home!

Five of the most common mistakes people make when frothing milk

There are a lot of different mistakes that people make the first few times they start off frothing milk, but the biggest five mistakes that you want to avoid at all costs are:

  1. Using the wrong temperature milk to steam and frothed in the first place
  2. Using the wrong quantity of milk to steam and frothed at a specific temperature and amount of time
  3. Using a low grade milk without plenty of cream and ending up with something really thin and diluted
  4. Frothing your milk for too long and causing all of your air bubbles to combined together leaving your liquid almost chunky
  5. Frothing your milk at too high a temperature and almost boiling the milk, creating curds and off tastes

Do your best to avoid these headaches and hassles and you will be producing world-class frothed milk without too much extra effort!

What’s the difference between frothed and steamed milk?

As we highlighted above, the major difference between frothed and steamed milk is the difference between whether or not the air bubbles created during the steaming process are thoroughly incorporated into the milk after they’ve been created or if they are left to bubble all on their own until they completely dissipate.

Milk that has been frothed includes incorporated air bubbles whereas milk that has been steamed has no air bubbles to speak of and is really just superheated milk. There is no real difference in texture and steamed milk, whereas frothed milk is velvety and super smooth.

What are the differences between a milk frother and a steamer wand?

A milk frother is a dedicated piece of machinery or a built-in accessory on expensive Café grade coffee making equipment whereas a steamer wand is a lot like a blender wand – a standalone unit that you can dip into your beverages and quickly steam them without the agitation that froth or is bring to the table.

Breaking down the best milk frother options on the market today

Top 7 Milk Frother Reviews

#1. – Nespresso Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother


  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Has a great maximum capacity (130 ml of frothed milk)
  • Can froth hot and cold milk for cappuccinos and lattes


  • A single use and single-purpose kitchen appliance
  • Some have questioned the longevity of this milk frother
  • Can take up a bit of counter space you may not have

Certainly one of the most impressive of all the dedicated milk frother options on the market today, there’s a reason why this unit comes so highly recommended. If you’re after a single purpose piece of equipment that works wonders to froth milk in a hurry (hot or cold), this is right up your alley!

#2. – Epica Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Heater Carafe


  • Beautiful design
  • Easy to use
  • Made from high end construction materials that will last and last


  • Simple control scheme doesn’t allow for much in the way of flexibility
  • Can get really, really hot when left unattended
  • Maximum capacity isn’t as high as some of the other best milk frothers on the market

One of the best built and most intuitively designed milk frother available for sale right now, this is a well-made kitchen appliance that will help you make the most delicious coffee, lattes, and cappuccinos that you’ve ever had without any headache or hassle.

#3. – Secura Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Warmer 250ml


  • Inexpensive but still really well made
  • Can heat and froth milk in less than 3 minutes
  • Provides effortless control to make your favorite beverages without any training


  • Simplified control scheme isn’t as flexible or adaptable as some of the other options
  • Larger version bumps capacity by only 50ml but is almost twice as expensive
  • Electrical heating element has a reputation for burning out unexpectedly

If you’re looking for a budget friendly milk frother that you can get started with (without having to blow your budget or your bank account along the way), this is the best milk frother for you. It is simple, straightforward, and really easy to use.

#4. – Blümwares Vienne Automatic Milk Frother and Heater


  • On/Off control scheme really simplifies the milk frothing experience
  • Stainless steel construction and solid insulations keeps your frothed milk warm for hours
  • Detachable base makes this a dream to clean


  • One switch controls hinder your ability to really dial in temperature or time to make the perfect frothed milk depending on its intended use
  • One year warranty is almost half of the industry standard
  • Hot beverage creation is a little bit of a headache to master and involves turning the unit on, then off, then on again

Very inexpensive, this is not a milk frother that will break your budget by any stretch of the imagination. Well made, well insulated, and easy to use right out of the gate, this isn’t the most advanced milk frother but it gets the job done for sure.

#5. – Breville BMF600XL Milk Café Milk Frother


  • Well made
  • Intelligently designed
  • Offers complete control


  • Takes up more counter-top space than the other models

For years and years now the folks at Breville have been making world class kitchen appliances. This is easily one of the best milk frothers available, though it’s going to hit your wallet a little bit harder than some other options. The milk you froth with this setup is silky smooth and creamy, thanks to the built in frothing disc.

#6. – Norpro Milk Frother Deluxe 16 oz Glass Cappuccino


  • Designed like a French press, it doesn’t get much easier to use than this
  • Tempered glass holds heat effortlessly to keep frothed milk warm
  • Effortless to clean and maintain


  • The least adaptable or flexible of all the different options
  • No self-heating unit means you need to pre-heat milk on your own (and clean that up, too)
  • Tempered glass has a higher chance of breaking than stainless steel – though it looks great

If you’re going to be making lattes and cappuccinos with a French press coffee maker this just might be the perfect pairing. Designed and engineered to look exactly like a French press (and to mimic the same kind of effortless and centuries old operation), it doesn’t get much classier than this!

Best of all, you can use this frother even if the power is out.

#7. – Capresso frothPRO 202 Automatic Milk Frother


  • Single serving lattes come together effortlessly with this single serving frother
  • High quality materials throughout provide a consistent finish and effortless use
  • Auto-shut off safety switch is a big feature


  • Heating base requires this unit to be on the counter all the time
  • Takes a while longer to heat and forth milk than other options on the market today
  • Not ideal for entertaining

If you would love nothing more than to be able to pump out a single latte every morning without having to waste time (or milk), you’re going to love everything that this frother brings to the table. Definitely one of the best milk frothers for single serving purposes, it doesn’t shine when entertaining – but it isn’t expensive, either!

Recommended Accessory:

Update International (EP-12) 12 Oz Stainless Steel Frothing Pitcher


  • Extends the use and capacity of the best milk frothers
  • Inexpensive enough to be an effortless upgrade
  • Well-made and capable of great insulating properties


  • Gets really (REALLY) hot quickly
  • The welds on the handle may not be as durable as some would like
  • Odd size may be difficult to store effectively

A must-have accessories for all of the best milk frothers on the market right now, you’d have to be at least a little bit crazy not to get your hands on this capacity increasing (and cheap) addition.

Beautifully made, well designed, and offering plenty of size and insulation to frother tons of milk for company, this is a great buy for those that want to entertain.

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