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Best Super Automatic Espresso Machine – The Ultimate Coffee Experience

    best_super_automatic_espresso_machine_-_the_ultimate_coffee_experienceSuper automatic espresso machines are the ultimate coffee makers – performing all the functions during the coffee production process. Automatic machines will grind your beans, froth your milk and brew your favorite coffee drink with the press of a button. While semi automatic machines are perfect for coffee lovers who want more control of their coffee drink – automatic models will suit the majority of owners.

    A good quality super-automatic will also clean itself, let you program just how you like your favorite espresso, latte or cappuccino to your preferred temperature and strength. Super-automatics might not be for the die-hard home barista, but they produce a delicious brew with minimum effort.

    Read on below as we cover three models that are rated as the best automatic espresso machines and are guaranteed to suit buyers across all budgets looking to make quality home coffee.

    Top Rated Super Automatic Espresso Machine Reviews

    #1 – DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica

    Just push a button – and let DeLonghi’s patented “Cappuccino System” mix the steam and milk to create a rich, creamy froth

    DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica

    If you are looking for the very best value super-automatic espresso maker, the DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica is top of the range, in terms of both performance and value. This is no doubt the best choice for the true coffee connoisseur.

    Perhaps you are wondering whether it is even possible to get a good super-automatic with double boiler for under a thousand dollars, but this model fits the bill perfectly. A double boiler means the streaming can begin even before the brewing has finished, so you get your espresso faster.

    Is espresso not your coffee of choice? No problem, because this machine can brew latte, cappuccino or regular coffee if you prefer those. There is a built-in burr grinder so you can add your favorite coffee beans, press a button, and end up with that perfect cup of coffee.

    What to Expect

    This grinder is cheaper than others in its class but still offers the same excellent performance, and even includes a double boiler which is a great feature. This durable, reliable espresso maker also has dial controls, which are more resilient than digital controls.

    Although this grinder is slightly noisier than some of the more expensive options, the price is certainly inviting. This is the only model in this price bracket with a bypass doser, and it is great for medium espresso roast beans (the grinder in the Magnifica is not quite so good with oily beans).

    The high-quality commercial grade elements and stylish design make the Magnifica a great value super-automatic espresso machine. It is not the biggest, but the Magnifica boasts plenty of power, ability, features, and of course value, and not everyone wants a huge machine taking up counter-top space anyway. Expect it to produce shot after shot of excellent espresso quickly and reliably.

    This is widely known as the top-end of super-automatic espresso machines.

    So Easy to Use

    With the touch of a button you can program in all your requirements to get the perfect cup of coffee. The burrs spin into action once you press a button, and the foam gets frothing if you choose to have any, then you can choose your preferred espresso strength and shot amount, or else experiment with cappuccino, latte, macchiato, or other types of specialty coffee – the DeLonghi Magnifica ESAM3300 has them all covered.

    You can adjust the amount of water to adjust the flavor and strength of your coffee. Perhaps your partner likes a latte in the morning and the kids enjoy a cappuccino, or maybe you are a coffee lover and want to try them all. The cappuccino system on the control panel offers a 180-degree rotation so you can put any size of milk container in there.

    The spigot is also completely adjustable, so you can fill anything from a tiny ristretto cup to your favorite jumbo-sized mug.

    Attractive Features

    The water tank holds 60 ounces (7.5 cups) so you don’t need to keep refilling it all the time. Better yet, this machine is self-cleaning and has a decalcification indicator.

    The DeLonghi Magnifica ESAM3300 uses the beans-to-brew (bean-to-cup) system, so you can expect coffee just as good as what you’d get at your favourite Italian coffee shop. The 2 stainless steel boilers ensure perfect heat distribution, so you don’t have to waste time waiting for your espresso to be prepared to your satisfaction.

    There is an instant reheat function too. For the best homemade espresso, pre-warm the cups before brewing your espresso.

    This might be the world’s smallest removable brewing system (perfect if you are low on counter top space) but it houses so many impressive features, which is why it is such amazing value.

    The integrated burr is largely to thank for the diminutive size of this coffee machine, compared to others, and you can also select your own grinding level in there, or even use ground coffee if you prefer. It depends what you are in the mood to drink and how quickly and easily you want to make it for yourself.

    There is no other compact espresso machine which offers this much value (and not many large ones either) which is why the DeLonghi Magnifica ESAM3300 is the flagship espresso and all-in-one coffee machine known throughout the industry.

    The fully programmable settings, customization functions and commercial-grade features make this the number one espresso machine in many people’s option.

    #2 – Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine

    So easy to use – just add coffee beans in the hopper, pour distilled water in the drawer – and push the start button!

    Gaggia Brera

    If your super-automatic espresso machine budget is less than $500, the Gaggia Brera could be the ideal unit for your home . This has a compact footprint which is great if you have limited counter-top space. The Brera is an Italian-designed and made coffee machine.

    Lots of thought went into the design of this model, and the drip trap, water tank and dregs drawer are all accessible via the front of the machine, for quick and easy maintenance and cleaning. There are push-button controls and an illuminated LED display to guide you through the options. Choose your preferred coffee volume, aroma and strength.

    The grinder is ceramic, and uses the Gaggia Adapting System to adjust the RPM, guaranteeing the perfect amount of coffee grounds.

    An Overview of the Gaggia Brera

    This attractive machine is made with a modern stainless steel front panel as well as chrome-plated accents. You can choose from silver or black side panels, depending which will fit it best with your décor.

    This espresso machine can accommodate many user preferences, making it great for entertaining. Whether you want to prepare speciality coffee or pre-ground decaf, you can use the bypass doser to make either one. Don’t forget lattes, cappuccino and macchiato too, since the convenient Gaggia Brera makes light work of these for you.

    This machine includes Rapid Steam Technology along with a stainless steel Panarello Wand to create steamed milk or froth for your favourite coffee beverages. You can swivel the steam wand left or right so it fits in various cup or jug sizes. The Rapid Steam Technology heats up much faster and offers robust brewing and steaming operations, so you can steam and brew back to back.

    More Great Features

    Store your coffee beans safely in the airtight, UV-proof 8.8 ounce hopper. The ceramic grinder reduces heat transfer and ensures a consistent grind, so you can expect aromatic, delicious coffee.

    The Gaggia Adapting System will adjust the RPM and grind time for the perfect coffee quantity, whichever kind of beans you are using, and the bypass doser allows you to brew pre-ground coffee instead of grinding beans first. If you like to enjoy flavored coffee or the occasional decaf, this is a handy feature to have.

    This machine has a stainless steel boiler and 15-bar pump, so the temperature and flavor of your beverages will be spot-on. The telescopic coffee dispenser allows you to use any size of mug or cup you want. There is also an Optidose function, while lets you customize the aroma of your coffee – light, medium or strong.

    One touch of a button is all you need to make a café lungo or espresso. The beverage volume can be programmed so the machine will ‘remember’ your preferences for next time.

    The water reservoir is 1.2 litres and you might also want to get a Mavea Intenza water filter with 4-stage filtration system to remove impurities and prevent scale build-up (although that is not included and depends to some extent whether you have hard or soft water where you live).

    This coffee machine has a self-rinse cycle which activates when you switch the machine on and off or when it enters and exits standby mode. This helps keep the unit brew-ready and preserve its impeccable performance. If it needs to be descaled however, an icon on the display screen will tell you.

    #3 – Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker With Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother

    One of the best selling espresso machines on the market for a reason – cheap, simple and most importantly makes a great tasting brew

    Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker

    Perhaps you don’t want to spend thousands or even hundreds of dollars on a super-automatic espresso machine, but you still appreciate a great cup of coffee.

    In that case, forget opting for a semi-automatic, and instead consider the popular Nespresso Pixie. At-home coffee machines are a lot more mainstream these days, so if you’re shopping for an entry level, hassle-free coffee machine, this one might just be perfect for you.

    It might not have all the bells and whistles of the larger, more expensive models but it makes a great cup of coffee quickly and easily.

    The unit is chrome-plated and there is a non-stick coating inside. The Pixie is small and quiet, and it takes Nespresso coffee capsules. The water capacity is 0.7 litres and it holds up to 10 Nespresso capsules.

    It comes with an additional milk frother. With this one, you don’t need to tamp grounds or do any messy clean-up. Just add the Nespresso capsule, press the button and wait about 30 seconds. Use the milk frother if you want steamed milk or froth in your beverage.

    The frother works on hot or cold milk, in any size of cup or jug. Priced very competitively, this convenient machine can make espresso, cappuccino, lattes or specialty coffee drinks with ease.

    Why It is So Popular

    This tightly-packaged unit runs very quietly (almost silently, in fact), and Nespresso capsules are really easy to use since you simply choose one (they come in a variety of flavors), pop it into the machine, and press a button.

    Then of course you can choose whether or not to froth some milk to complement your beverage. The Pixie is popular because it prepares fine-tasting coffee and the frother makes wonderful froth, as light or as creamy as you want it.

    This machine is small enough to be placed outside the kitchen, and it is also portable compared to larger machines.

    A Very Affordable Option

    If you like the idea of homemade coffee but you don’t want to buy a big, expensive, commercial-type espresso machine, consider the Pixie. Who wouldn’t love to make an espresso in 30 seconds and have no clean-up afterwards?

    If you need to make more than one cup of coffee at a time though, or you want the full espresso-making capabilities of a bean-to-cup machine or similar, you might prefer to choose one of the more expensive espresso machines instead.

    This machine takes Nespresso capsules but does not grind beans or take loose coffee grounds. The capsules are the high standard, traditional coffee you can expect from a classy Italian coffee shop, but now you can make your own in the comfort of your own kitchen.

    There are 6 different espresso capsules in the Nespresso range, which are blends of coffee original, and then you have 3 specialist varieties with one place of origin, along with lungo capsules which use twice the amount of water. A lungo coffee makes a tall coffee – less strong than espresso.

    You can also get 3 different kinds of decaf capsules for this machine, and because each one is measured perfectly and sealed in foil, the coffee will taste really fresh each time.