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Enjoy the Total Control of a Pour Over Coffee Maker

    best_pour_over_coffee_makers_reviewsMillions and millions of people wake up every single day feeling like zombies until they get a little bit of caffeine into them, and it’s easy to see why.

    We’re all way over worked, way over stressed, and eating a diet that our unhealthy exercising habits just can’t sustain (if we have any of those exercising habits to begin with!). Combine that with the amazing flavor of the top tier coffee options available on the market today and it becomes almost painfully obvious to everyone that a quality coffee maker is a smart investment just about all need to make.

    Sadly, though, most of us aren’t rocking and rolling with a top of the line coffee maker the way we should be. Too many of us have bought into the “single serve maker” lie, though we’re starting to learn more and more every day about just how wrong we were – and how dangerous those coffee makers can be!

    So what are we supposed to do? Go with an ancient percolator that won’t be able to produce great coffee from our amazing beans, or deal with a nightmare French press that leaves grounds in every sip we take?

    Absolutely not!

    You should instead be looking into all the big benefits that a pour over coffee maker brings to the table, of which there are many. This is a top of the line kind of coffee system, one that will be sure you always start your day off on the right foot!

    Best Coffee Dripper Guide for 2017

    #1. Hario VDC-02W V60 Ceramic Coffee Dripper

    Hario VDC-02W V60 Ceramic Coffee DripperPros

    • Produces a super clean cup of coffee, without losing any flavor or depth
    • You’re always in complete control of the entire coffee making process – from start to finish
    • Effortless to use and even easier to clean up


    • Like every other pour over coffee maker, you won’t be able to pump out gallons of the dark stuff as quickly as some of the automated systems
    • Will require you to purchase disposable filters, as they work best and make cleanup a lot easier
    • The price can take some people aback, but it’s really a solid value

    Almost too simple to use to believe, this is a pour over coffee maker that will change the way you drink coffee forever. You’ll have no trouble using all of your favorite beans, no trouble cleaning up afterwards, and will have total control of all aspects of your cup of Joe.

    It doesn’t get much better than this!

    Combine all of that with a system that has been proven to work, one that produces clean cups of coffee with no surprise grounds sprinkled in, and a system effortless to clean and maintain and you’re talking about a real winner here.

    Check out this Hario drip coffee guide from Artazza:

    #2. Kalita Wave Dripper

    Kalita Wave Dripper 185Pros

    • Makes it really easy to produce one, two, or three cups of coffee in a hurry
    • Elevates the level of flavor extraction better than anything else for deeper, richer, and more complex cups of coffee
    • No mess like a French press


    • Slightly pricier than some of the other pour over coffee systems you’ll find on the market today
    • The stainless steel finish isn’t going to be for everyone
    • You’ll need a special carafe if you’d like to make more than three cups of coffee at a time

    If you’re serious about literally pulling every single molecule of flavor out of the ground roasted coffee beans that you’ve fallen in love with – literally allowing not even the smallest amount of flavor to go unused in your cup of Joe – then this is the pour over coffee maker for you!

    Designed to be simple to use – and even easier to clean and keep looking brand new – this is going to make some of the best coffee you’ve ever tasted.

    As with other pour over solutions you’ll be in control of your cup of coffee from start to finish, and you’ll be able to determine what the perfect cup means to you best with this coffee maker on your counter top!

    #3. Bee House Ceramic Coffee Dripper

    Bee House Ceramic Coffee DripperPros

    • Compact Made in Japan pour over coffee maker capable of doing everything bigger units are capable of
    • Uses high quality filtration system to make sure every cup of coffee is perfect and free of grounds and debris
    • Elevates the flavor of your coffee by concentrating it before it makes it to your cup or mug


    • Not quite as “fancy” looking as some of the other pour over coffee makers you could decide to purchase
    • Some have brought up the durability of this coffee maker up in the past
    • Awkward shape and form factor can be a little bit challenging to store away with ease

    Like most every other Made in Japan pour over coffee maker on this list you’re talking about a very high quality product here that definitely gets the job done.

    Rather compact compared to some of the other options – and with a low price almost too good to be true – this is an easy choice for folks that want to make one or two cups of coffee without any real headache or hassle.

    The advanced filtration and unique design makes sure that every cup of coffee is pure and perfect, something you’ll really appreciate if you’ve ever accidentally sucked down some grounds in the past!

    #4. Able Brewing Kone Coffee Filter for Chemex Coffee Maker

    Able Brewing Kone Coffee Filter for Chemex Coffee MakerPros

    • One of the smartest and most well designed pour over coffee makers you’ll come across today
    • Effortlessly produces the most flavorful and richest coffee you’ve ever had, all without any grounds sneaking in
    • Does not require you to use paper filters and clutter up our environment


    • Costs considerably more than most any other pour over coffee maker we reviewed
    • Can be a little bit finicky to sit right in your favorite mug without stealing space for more coffee
    • Will need to be meticulously cleaned to avoid any carryover flavors from other batches of coffee

    When you get right down to it, this – THIS – is the most premium pour over coffee maker available on the market right now.

    Designed and engineered from the ground up to produce only the purest, most flavor packed, and richest coffee you’ve ever had (all without any paper filters getting in between your hot water, your beans, and a killer cup of coffee), this is a next generation piece of equipment that you’ll fall in love with ASAP!

    Check out this great Chemex guide from Coffee Circle: