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10 Must-Read Coffee Blogs in 2017

    It seems in 2017 that anyone can write a blog. Which perhaps explains why there are so many out there, all tempting us to waste time at work. But it’s difficult to know which sites are truly entertaining, informative, and/or offer the best coffee fix.

    We went ahead and combed the blogosphere for you and narrowed it down to these 9 standouts. They’re keeping it real, always staying positive and inspiring, and delivering content we can’t stop reading and sharing ourselves.

    Without further ado, here are Coffeeholic’s ’10 Must-Read Coffee Blogs for 2017′. (If you think we’ve missed your favorite blog let us know in the comments area)

    Daily Coffee News


    For your daily dose of coffee news check out

    Covering everything from roasting guides to coffee culture news, I really liked their post about ’15 of the Best Summer Coffee Cocktails Being Sold Right Now’.

    Coffee Nate


    Anyone looking to improve their coffee brewing skills should check out Nate’s blog – Nate’s a true coffee lover and traveler who’s developed a great blog where you can always learn something about coffee.


    Coffeetographer is a photojournalist blog which features people in coffee shops all across the globe. I must have spent hours people watching at!



    A design driven resource for coffee lovers around the world, Dear Coffee I love You, or DCILY is a blog which publishes articles and reviews that focus on the intersection of coffee, culture, creativity and design.



    INeedCoffee is a project started by coffee fanatic Michael Allen Smith. The website was launched on April 4th 1999 and is based out of Seattle. The goal of INeedCoffee is to not only celebrate excellent coffee, but to empower the coffee fan to make better coffee at home.

    Michael’s blog hosts tutorials relating to coffee brewing and home coffee roasting.



    I stumbled about this cool coffee community on Facebook. Handpresso design and manufacture a portable brewing machine so that you can enjoy coffee literally anywhere.

    Handpresso’s Facebook page has some great photos of travelers enjoying coffee in some of the world’s most beautiful locations.

    Coffee Hunter

    Coffee Hunter Peter Thomson reviews cafe’s across New York and London with some fun coffee trivia thrown in.

    Peter’s blog post history of the flat white is one of the best articles that I’ve read about the origins of one my favorite coffee drinks.

    Check out the ‘Bad coffee in stock photos’ for a good laugh…

    Cabell Coffee


    Another photojournalist and 3x Coffee Fest Latte Art World Champion.

    Fantastic photos and coffee art – Cabell’s Instagram account inspires me to turn on my espresso machine every time.

    Coffee Detective

    Coffee Detective is authored by Nick Usborne. He professes his love for both drinking coffee and writing about it.

    Caffeine Wisdom

    Last but certainly not least on our top list Coffee Wisdom. I know it’s not technically a blog, but its great for finding funny meme’s or coffee fact infographic’s.

    The Coffee Wisdom Pinterest board has everything that a coffee lover could want.

    With 12,000 followers you’ll never feel alone with your caffeine addiction again!

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